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The Shamanic Eye Movement Experience 

The Shamanic Eye Movement Experience is a guided 12 Step Inner-Seeing Journey to vision quest and/or to integrate traumatic experiences. This inward journey allows you to access, explore and experience specific emotions that are mapped out inside of you like travel destinations on the world map.


Each destination is linked to an Emotional Archetype and will provide a deeper understanding of how this emotion plays out in your life. Working with Emotional Archetypes lightens your very own personal *material* within the greater perspective of the conscious collective because these emotions are existing in all of us.


The journey and the experience unfolds through *seeing* and working with the eyes and their movements. Our eyes are leading us to explore and experience beyond our rational mind and beyond words as well as guiding us into the revelation of subconscious *material*. By connecting into a bigger picture, deeper meaning and healing on soul-level becomes possible. 

From wherever you are in your life right now – out of curiosity or determination – The Shamanic Eye Movement Experience invites you to hop on and follow the journey of your eyes. 



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Hi ! I am Carla Ferreau  – Naturopath with focus on Trauma-Integration and Intuitive Guide. I am dedicated to guiding healing journeys that initiate self-healing and to reform the way that we as society perceive Trauma and so called mental disease/disorder. 


To my mind conventional-psychotherapy-methods based on clinical-pathology are creating separation through diagnosing and defining what is "normal".


Over the years I experienced the synergy between my approach to

self-healing and the core principles of Shamanism. I created The Shamanic Eye Movement Experience to combine both and to offer an alternative method based on connection.


Shamanism describes a way of seeing, experiencing and interacting with the world in- and around us. It is a non-hierarchical system of correspondence accessible to everyone. Everyone can be initiated into a higher consciousness, deeper awareness and self-healing at anytime. 


In the context of universal interconnectivity the impression of separation becomes an illusion caused by Trauma. Trauma means Separation. Traumatic experiences are being integrated by becoming one part of the journey that is the human experience. Trauma always happens within the context of the environment/society – it reflects and informs the environment/society! From my heart I strongly intuitive know that healing ourselves informs the healing of others.

The Shamanic Eye Movement Experience is available in english and german and through 2021 offered entirely based on donation. Contact me if you want to find out more but note that this is about experiencing. It is about seeing *it* through rather than talking *it* over! And it is about YOU responding to yourself.

I will be happy to see you and to guide and support your journey !


and the shamanic part of the journey

Image by Irina Iriser


and the wings of our souls to fly

There are different ways of journeying the 12 Step Inner-Seeing Experience. Think of me as your travel guide proposing this 12-Destination-Travel-Route to you. Follow along or choose your own sequence. Of course you can pick just one destination at the time. One way or the other if a place within you wants to reveal its attractions to you – you will intuitively know. As your guide I am prepared and open towards how your journey unfolds.


Working with the eyes really means becoming aware of our eyes natural movements as our eyes are constantly moving. Working with the eyes means *not looking away* and focusing on what needs to be seen and felt. This way of focusing automatically leads you into a state of trance – but it is entirely up to you how deep you want to go! In trance you are experiencing a different state of consciousness: what you are experiencing here has the power to transform and heal you on heart and soul-level. 

Your journey can be a fun journey, a self-exploration trip as well as a Healing-Trauma experience. Never underestimate the benefit of someone guiding you especially when accessing material that fights hard to stay hidden: Revelations can be *painful* but as soon as *it* is revealed you will feel a sense of relief, understanding and being grounded. YOUR truth is what your core roots are made of.


Once you are more aware of yourself and your patterns working with your eyes can be a very beautiful tool for daily practice. I feel strongly about guiding you into getting to know Eye-Movements so that you can have the benefit of this tool for the rest of your life. 


Everything is possible when we feel a strong connection. As it is said: the eyes are windows to our souls ... let`s take a look.